Staytopia Pricing Key

  • Here’s the Pricing Key I’m using in every post on Staytopia so you have an idea of the price range of the accommodation.
  • Since prices change, for example hotels offer special deals to fill rooms, I’ll always have a link on the page to the hotel or homestay ‘reviews and prices’ so you can check up-to-the-minute prices for that day.
  • If it’s a hotel with stars I’ll give them too.
  • Remember you’re paying significantly less in Asia than you would in say Sydney. But Asia offers some incredible unique places to stay that sit in the $$$$ range.

Airbnb Hawaii Treehouses

Pricing Key (depends on exchange rates):

  • 1/2 $   Around NZ$50, US$33, UK£25. E.g. Backpacker-Style, Small Family Run Hotel, Beach Hut
  • $   Under NZ$100, US$66, UK£50. E.g. Budget Hotel, Homestay
  • $$   In the NZ$100’s and $200’s. Budget Resort, 3 or 4 star Hotel, Homestay
  • $$$  In the NZ$300’s and $400’s. Higher End Hotel, Resort, Homestay. Five Star.
  • $$$$  Deluxe Amazing Expensive


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