Is the Booking Genius Discount Program Worth it?

So you want to save money on your travel bookings, but you don’t know if the Booking Genius Discount Loyalty Program is worth it. Maybe, you’re worried that you’ll end up spending more money than you save if you join the loyalty program.

I’ve put together this post so you see how you can earn discounts and rewards on every booking, no matter how small or large. And how the more you book the bigger the discounts!

So let’s see how you can get the most out of your holiday and save money…

What is the Genius Program

One of the top reasons people like me love, is because of the unique range of accommodation options, unbeatable prices, and the generous Genius Program.

This rewards program is designed to reward frequent customers with a number of benefits and perks after you create a account. There are 3 Levels of discounts and rewards offered by participating properties. You’ll achieve Level 1 with a 10% discount immediately.

Each level offers more discounts and rewards. As they say: “each stay counts towards your progress in the program”. So the more accommodation you book with the more you’ll move up to the juicier rewards.

What does Each Level Offer?

Genius Discounts and Rewards

Level 1

  • Immediate 10% discounts when you join and create your account

Level 2

  • Complete 5 stays in 2 years to gain this level
  • 10-15% discounts
  • Free breakfasts on select stays
  • Free room upgrades on select stays

Level 3

  • Complete 15 stays in 2 years to gain this level
  • 10-20% discounts
  • Free breakfasts on select stays
  • Free room upgrades on select stays
  • Priority support on all bookings – this is direct access to a live agent (whether it’s a Genius hotel or not)

Booking Genius Discount FAQ

Who offers Genius?

Only accommodation properties with good review ratings can offer genius discounts and travel rewards. Look for the Blue Genius Logo on the property to see if they offer Genius discounts and rewards.

What if I cancel my booking?

This then doesn’t count toward your Genius Levels.

How do I claim my discounts and rewards?

These are automatically applied to your booking when you book. Just make sure you see the blue Genius logo.

What if I only book budget accommodation?

The program counts your number of stays, not the amount you’ve paid.

How long does my Level last?

Once you achieve your Level on you can keep it forever.

Search and Join

Clever Hacks to get the Best Deals

The stays that are counted could be 1 night or 5 nights or 15 nights, etc. So to get to Level 3 why not go away for overnight trips! These one-night stays will count towards your Level 2 – 5 stays in 2 years; or Level 3 – 15 stays in 2 years much faster.

Get Cashback on your reservations – you can still book with and earn your Genius Awards through cashback sites. So not only do you get discounts and rewards but you get cash-back bonuses as well. That might be 4-6%. We’ve even seen a 12% cash-back bonus! Usually, this is only available once a week for about 12 hours on Australian Cashrewards. Wooh that’s a Win Win Win!

Depending on the company you’ll receive your cashback in a bank account or Paypal, either once you’ve earned them or a certain number of times a year. You have to have a minimum $ amount for the payment to go ahead.

Cashback Websites:

Here are my Refer-a-Friend links to Cashback sites. The referrer and friend both earn a commission, but only once the friend has made a purchase within a certain timeframe. Once you join you can refer your friends too!

Join Australian Cashrewards
$10 bonus to start. If you install the Google Chrome Extension for Cashrewards then cashback offers will show up on websites you visit.

Join Rakuten US and World
$10 bonus to start. Install the Rakuten web browser extension for Chrome or Safari to get the latest deals.

Wayaway Offer Cashback with Flights

When you pop in your dates and destination you’ll see what cashback is available for available flights.

Wrapping Up Booking Genius Discount

Is the Genius Program worth it? Yes!, it’s a great way to get discounts and rewards while travelling. It’s a simple process – the more you book with, the more rewards you get!

Every booking you make earns you points, and as you level up, you’ll get access to more discounts and rewards and easy access to promotions.