Bliss out at this Eco-Friendly Tree House in Volcano, Hawai’i

Immerse yourself in the big island rainforest in your very own tree house! This Eco-friendly Tree House in Volcano Hawai’i is a tranquil oasis hidden in the heart of nature.

In fact you’re on the slopes of Hawaii Island’s Kilauea volcano (source). But you’re also close to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Volcano Village and laid-back Puna. See further on for ‘Things to Do’ and a selection of Rainforest Retreats…

  • Type: Homestay for TWO GUESTS
  • Price: Around US$100 per night (subject to season)
  • Best For: Peaceful, Zen, Nature, Near Volcano National Park
  • Location: Volcano, The Big Island, Hawai’i
  • Book at Glamping Hub

The Space:

On arrival at the turn off from the main road it’s best to drive slowly down the tropical path, as it’s a bit rocky. You’ve entered a whole new world in this lush jungle!

The unique design of the tree house is rustic, totally off-grid, and handcrafted in bamboo, rattan and wood. You’ll discover lots of special touches – tropical flowers, candles, fairy lights down the jungle path, pot plants, colorful furniture and cushions and Buddha statues.

Eco-Friendly Tree House in Volcano Hawaii - downstairs Lanai

Time to Relax:

As you enter the tree house you’ll see the outdoor relaxation zones (called Lanai in Hawai’i). Downstairs is the zen space with a lovely big Teak Balinese Daybed and chairs. On a teak bistro sits the coffee machine so you can enjoy local Kona coffee. You’ll also find the drinking water here.

The upstairs zen space on a deck has cushioned wicker chairs so you can gaze out through the trees. The atmosphere is totally still with only the sounds of birds, frogs and insects.

Eco-Friendly Tree House in Volcano Hawaii - Bedroom

How many beds?

The tree house has one bedroom and accommodates two guests comfortably. The upstairs bed is cleverly raised up on a platform so you can marvel at the stars and the jungle through the huge cathedral windows. The comfy mattress is Temper-Pedic for blissful sleeps. Linens and towels are provided.

We were falling asleep to the sound of frogs and waking up rejuvenated with a peaceful mind.

Guest Comment

Is there Hot Running Water?

Yes! The shower room mimics the outdoors with bamboo walls, hanging plants, a rainwater shower heated by solar and propane gas along with cruelty-free shampoo, conditioner and soap. In the bathroom you’ll find the washbasin made from koa wood, a flushing toilet, and vanity.

Preparing Food:

Dishes and utensils are provided but bring some food with you, e.g. picnic food – snacks, breakfast, bread, and salad. There’s a cooler in the downstairs lanai to keep your food safe from any insects.

Eco-friendly tree house in Volcano Hawaii
Upstairs Lanaii

More Info about the Eco-Friendly Tree House in Volcano Hawaii:

  • USB chargers next to the bed
  • Deadbolt included for security
  • Exterior lighting
  • Parking provided

What Guests Think:

The Treehouse is unbelievable, whimsical and comfortable all at once. You feel like you’re in a different world – waking up amongst the trees & listening to the rain.

Guest comment.


You’ll love this off-grid peaceful retreat in Hawaii’s lush rainforest. It’s relaxing, affordable and quirky and if you’ve always wanted to sleep in a tree house then here’s your chance!

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Things to Do near your Eco-Friendly Tree House in Volcano Hawaii:

Snorkeling at night with Manta Rays!

Don’t miss this popular and highly rated bucket list adventure. You’re provided with wet suits (the water is cold) and snorkel gear. You set out to sea on a short cruise and watch the Kona sunset. Then the crew attract the plankton with light boards which then brings the manta rays. “It’s an incredible, surreal experience!” Hot Tip: Hire a Go Pro for the trip. Viator Tours offer the trip and you can read more about it here and book….

More to Do…

  • Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park – see active volcanism – Kilauea and Mauna Loa active volcanoes. Stop first at the Kilauea Visitor Center. For more information see the Park’s official website here (plus any alerts):
  • Akatsuka Orchid Gardens (just across the road from the tree house).
  • Volcano Garden Arts – vegetarian cafe and art gallery
  • Cooper Center – Volcano Village Community Center. Catch the Sunday Farmer’s market.
  • Sulphur Banks – see volcanic activity on this hiking trail.
  • Volcano Art Center and Gallery – eclectic range of art
  • 2400 Fahrenheit Art Glass
  • Crater Rim Drive #2: Steam Vents, Steaming Bluff, and Ha‘akulamanu. Check if open – see more here:
  • Enjoy a sunset cocktail and dinner at Volcano House Hotel then visit the Halemaumau summit crater at night.
  •  Punalu’u Black Sand Beach and Kaumana Caves.
  • Kailua-Kona: visit the west coast of the island. The weather is dry and sunny. Beautiful beaches and seahorse farm.
  • Visit Hilo on the northeastern side of the island for the Rainbow Falls, historic buildings. According to Fodors this is the ‘old Hawai’i’ with fewer visitors.
  • Kamuela – cowboy country to the north of the island. Good for hiking.
  • Kohala Coast – beautiful beaches and classy hotels.

Bike around Hawaii!


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18 thoughts on “Bliss out at this Eco-Friendly Tree House in Volcano, Hawai’i”

  1. That eco-friendly tree house looks amazing, I would love to take a chill vacation there. I do have one pause though.. it’s located in VOLCANO Hawaii? LOL oh boy I will need to keep my anxiety in check ha ha. Just kidding.. sort of. Hawaii is so beautiful and this zen treehouse looks so peaceful. Thanks for writing about the tree house vacation, it’s really cool.

    • Hiya! Yup the tree house’s volcanic location adds another dimension to a stay on the Big Island! Fortunately the tree house is a peaceful spot hidden in the rainforest. Cheers, Alisa

  2. I love Hawaii for so many things including it’s wonderful weather and lush tropical plants. This eco-friendly tree house on the Kilauea volcano looks like the perfect place to experience all the best of the area. The price is very reasonable and it’s good to know that there are modern amenities like a hot shower and flushing toilet. Thanks for pointing out this fun option for a memorable stay in Hawaii!

    • Hi Aly – many thanks for your comments. The Big Island is a great destination to indulge your spirit of adventure. It’s just so full of wonderful places to visit – lush rainforest, amazing beaches, beautiful waterfalls and of course the drama of the volcanic landscapes. This tree house is a great spot to base yourself. Cheers, Alisa

  3. Wow! What a great place to visit for a vacation, it looks awesome hope there is adequate security, I always fear being in the forest, wild animals do scare me a lot, I like the services offered the USB charger, the light, also hot water, it’s home away from home, about carting along with food is the key issue, but it’s still ok.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful post,

    • Hi Joy – this is definitely a place for adventurous nature-loving travellers who don’t need all the resort facilities. I recommend Holualoa Inn that is a lovely boutique resort on the Big Island in Kailua-Kona. Here’s a link for Holualoa Inn to read reviews. All the best, Alisa

  4. Hello Alisa!

    Wow, that’s a wonderful house! Right in the middle of the nature, and simultaneously in the middle of Pacific :). Splendid nature, nice looking furniture, attractive rooms… It is really worthy a 10-day yearly holiday!

    And although being in the nature, conditions like USB chargers and hot water are still at guest’s discretion… people can stay connected and at the same time experience living in this beauty of a place. Also, quite interesting places to visit around – so guests do not have to stay stuck around the house!

    Have you visited the Treehouse too?

    Best regards, Peter

    • Hi Peter – you’re right – it’s nice to be in nature but with home comforts and USB chargers available too! I’m hoping to visit this little slice of heaven soon. Cheers, Alisa

  5. Thanks for this post. It looks really beautiful! I’d love to stay here with Janet, I’m sure she’d love it too. I am however scared to stay at any place where there are a lot of tree because of creatures like snakes and scorpions, you never know when they will creep in. What do you say about that? Would this place be prone to snakes?

    • Hi Jordan – thanks for your question about snakes. Generally snakes are more fearful of us than we are of them. But just to be sure there are now electronic snake repellents which run on solar power. They work by causing vibrations. This makes it very uncomfortable for snakes who then leave the area. A low tech idea is to crush equal amounts of crushed garlic and rock salt around the house to repel snakes. I hope that reassures you. Best, Alisa

  6. Hi Alisa,

    What an exotic place! I’ve been to Hawaii with my family and stayed in a beautiful cottage in the rainforest. This was an unforgettable trip! But this Tree House experience would make it even more adventurous. I love the idea! Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

    By the way, after our return, we’ve been drinking only Kona coffee at home. Luckily, they export it to other states.

    Warm regards,

    ~ Julia

    • Hi Julia – I’m intrigued by the beautiful cottage in the rainforest! I’m always on the lookout for amazing places to stay. Wonderful you’ve kept up your holiday vibe with the Kona coffee at home, Best Alisa

  7. At some point we are going to have to ‘Bite the bullet’ and go on one of those holidays of a lifetime. It would probably be standard to go to the commercial end of the world and pamper oneself in an overly touristy way. Where’s the joy in that ?

    This is idyllic. The setting looks incredible and hard to believe when you awoke and strolled out onto the deck, that you were in the 21st century. More like you’d been whisked back to a time with no trappings of modern day life. If we manage it, it would be a mobile free zone. Just being at one with beautiful nature.

    The package deal incorporating islnad hopping looks tempting indeed. Comfy accomodation would be a bonus but in all honesty, not necessary. It all looks stunning. What’s not to like about spending time in a tree house, like being a kid all over again.

    • Many thanks for your fascinating thoughts. Totally agree with everything you say – stepping back in time in a peaceful natural setting is an incredible experience far from the trappings of the modern (stressful) world. Hope you get to experience your ‘holiday of a lifetime’ soon.

  8. Oh my! I have been looking out for something like this I love the setting of the parks it is really eco friendly such place is really the best place to spend a holiday after a horrible stress experience from work, spending time here you will meet new people interact with people from different places and also gain experience from them.

    i will like to visit one of this park someday.

    • I agree with you – it’s such a peaceful setting far from the stresses of work life. I hope you get the opportunity to stay here some day too. 

  9. Tree house this place must be one of the great place to be in regard to a relaxation or recreational centers espionage with this kind of cool eco friendly settings that enables you to explore nature in it real form, I always love nature and the things it has to offer playing around tree houses and gardens help one to inhale fresh air from the environment which is the best air for human health.

    • Absolutely Mr White! Spending time in nature at this very cool tree house is a healthy choice too. Many thanks for your comments.


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