Fun & Affordable Nouméa New Caledonia Accommodation – Self Catering

Looking for affordable Nouméa, New Caledonia accommodation on your dream tropical escape? It’s true, New Caledonia costs more than other South Pacific destinations. Food in these idyllic isles costs 73% more than in France and dining out is expensive. So, to stretch your money further in Nouméa the trick is: to book an affordable place to stay with a kitchen. 

You’ll save cash if you shop at the local supermarket for delicious French cheeses, tropical fruits, and local ingredients with a stop at the boulangerie for pain au chocolat and baguettes. You’ll eat like a local and save money.

Check out these three fun options. Each accommodation has self-catering options near Nouméa’s white sand beaches, island water taxis, French Bistros, boutique shops, and public transport. Read on…

1. Résidence Les Cactus

  • Type: Cottage for Two $
  • Best for: Affordable, Self-Catering, Tropical Garden, Close to the Beach $
  • Location: Baie des Citrons, Nouméa
  • Book at

Résidence les cactus, a 450-metre stroll from Baie des Citrons Beach, is an air-conditioned residence in Noumea. The one-bedroom cottage includes a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area, a flat-screen TV, bedding, towels, a spacious bathroom, and a patio with garden views

Parking is provided on-site and free Wi-Fi is available. Guests can walk to Baie des Citrons Beach in 5 minutes.

The daily price is very low so why not relax and settle in for a week and feel like a local, not a tourist. The advantage of staying 7 days is the low price – 7 nights here costs less than 2 nights in a resort!

Self Catering in Nouméa

The other budget saver is the kitchen. You can buy food cheaply from the local hypermarket and cook at home saving a tonne of money. Relax and dine outdoors on the small covered terrace, where you’re protected from the hot sun, while you bask in the tropical ambiance. On that note, you’ve got air conditioning in the cottage, which is essential during the hot season.

Close to Beaches

The local bus is an easy (and affordable way) to get around and see the sights of Nouméa. You’re close to the popular beaches of Anse Vata and Lemon Bay – Plage de La Baie des Citrons. Swim and snorkel at the beach, browse the shops and stop for coffee at one of the chic cafes.


An affordable cottage with a kitchen and terrace for dining and relaxing in the garden.

2. Hôtel Le Lagon

  • Type: 3 Star Hotel $$
  • Best for: Popular, Great Price, Pool, Near Beach and Restaurants, Spa Treatments, Gym, Tennis Court, Solo, Couples, Friends, Families
  • Location: L’Anse Vata, Nouméa
  • Book at

Located close to the beach, local eateries, and shops at L’Anse Vata, Hôtel Le Lagon is popular for its location and wonderful amenities. At the top of the price range in this list, but more affordable if you are a group of four.

Workout, Swim, Relax:

Book an apartment with a kitchen for self-catering and easily stay within budget. Enjoy a spot of food shopping at the local supermarket and boulangerie only minutes’ walk away.

Le Lagon has oodles of amenities for everyone – families love the kid’s pool and tennis courts. Why not tone up at the gym, relax with an indulgent spa treatment, dive into the pool for a refreshing dip and let your worries melt away in the Jacuzzi.

Boutique Accommodation with Kitchen and Balcony:

No worries about sand in your apartment or suite – they’re serviced daily. You can choose from apartments or suites for 4, or studios and suites for 2 – either by the pool or with a sea view. Make sure your stay includes breakfast so you fill up before your 3-minute walk to the beach!

Tip: Ask for an apartment on the quieter seaside of the hotel.


Hôtel Le Lagon is a popular boutique hotel with pools, apartments with kitchens, and spot-on beach and restaurant locations.

3. Marina Beach “Maison de Famille”

  • Type: 2-Star Hotel
  • Best for: Small Boutique Hotel, Stylish, Affordable, Kitchenette, Shiatsu Massage, Walk to Beach and Restaurants, Solo, Couples, Friends
  • Location: Baie des Citrons, Nouméa
  • Book at

This small private hotel emphasizes relaxation and wellness. Book a Shiatsu massage when you arrive, slow down, and de-stress at Marina Beach “Maison de Famille”.

Location Location Location:

Marina Beach doesn’t have a pool but it’s near the swimming and snorkelling beach, Baie des Citrons (Lemon Beach), and the Marina. The Marina is where you catch the day-trip water taxis out to the little islands beyond Noumea.

Stock up on your ingredients for cooking at the local supermarket, or stroll over to the nearby shopping mall, restaurants, bars, and cafes. A bus stop is near the hotel and Aquarium des Lagons is only 1kms away.

This friendly hotel has studios for two, with indigenous art, stylish furnishings, a kitchenette, en-suite, and AC. Their minimum stay is 3 nights but the price is very reasonable.


Marina Beach “Maison de Famille” is a stylish, affordable, and friendly hotel in a great location.

Things to Do in Nouméa

  • Head to the Beach to hire surfboards and stand-up paddle boards.
  • Snorkel out to the reef at Baie des Citrons. You might be lucky to see a Sea Krait – the local sea snake!
  • Get up close to the lagoon and escape to one of the breathtaking islands off the coast of Noumea in a water taxi.
  • The winds and surf of New Caledonia are perfect for windsurfing and kiteboarding. The Nouméa Kite School is at Rue Adolphe Barrau, Noumea. Ph: +687 79 07 66.
  • Hire mountain bikes and cycle around Nouméa’s new mountain bike trails.
  • In Nouméa stay close to the beaches of L’Anse Vata and Baie des Citrons (Lemon Bay). On Sundays when the rest of Nouméa closes down, this area stays open, so you’ll always find beach activities, cafes, restaurants, and shopping.
  • The New Caledonian Barrier Reef is the longest in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The reef surrounds Nouméa so don’t miss a day trip by water taxi to one of the small islands near the city: île aux Canards (Duck Island), nature reserve Îlot Maître, Amédée Islet, Signal Island, and Larégnère Island.
  • Choose a boat trip or tour that includes lots of activities so you get more for your money. For example, the Amedee Lighthouse Day Trip includes island entry, buffet lunch, glass bottom boat tour, cocktail and wine, island dance performance, sun loungers on the beach, and demonstrations. So, you’re getting an action-packed day at one price!

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  1. I found myself drawn to your wording about how to save money on food and ask for the kitchen units. This is a wonderful idea and gets you more interacting with the locals. This seems like a lovely place to visit. I also found that your article highlighted places to stay according to cost. This is great for those on a budget, or those wanting to find something with greater offerings.

    • Many thanks Kerri for your kind comments – I’m always keen to help travelers save money so they can afford to do more on their trip.

  2. That ‘cute cottage for two’ that you linked is absolutely to die for! Getting 7 nights there for the price of 2 at a resort – no brainer! I am a huge fan of going to local supermarkets to get fresh produce, and you reiterated the importance of this in a great way. 73% price increase over France?? I would rather spend money on great produce and entertainment than waste away all money on 2 nights in a resort and overpriced eating out. Great insight and great post!

    • Totally agree with you – the cottage offers an independent experience with the feeling of ‘living on a dreamy Pacific Island’ and not just visiting. Shopping at the local supermarket is fun too – discovering new exotic foods and ingredients. I hope you get a chance to visit this part of the world. Cheers, Alisa

  3. Your article was very thorough and informative.  I had not heard the term “self-catering” before this, but the way you describe the advantages has me sold.  I didn’t realize that eating out was so expensive in this area, and this surely seems like the perfect solution.  Thank you for including all of the accommodation information including their amenities, as well as the video and information on local activities.

    • Many thanks Robin for your feedback. I’m happy you’re in the know about self-catering. Cheers, Alisa

  4. Oh WOW!!! This really makes me want to go on vacation. I do have to admit my ignorance.I looked up where New Caledonia is. The French southwest Pacific sounds heavenly. I always like to go with the higher ratings and save money a different way. A kitchen is a superb way to save money. Thank you. I am going to look into this further. 

    • Hi Laura – great to hear I’ve inspired thoughts of travel for you! You’re right – self catering means you can stay in good quality accommodation but save money. Happy travels!

  5. OK…my bags are packed and I’m ready to go!  Caledonia take me away! 

    I’ve always wanted to go to France but after reading this article that just seems so cliché.  An island which is part of the French territory out in the middle of…or the underside of the ocean would be way more fun and unique! 

    Thank you for thinking about expenses however, considering the isolated location of this island it should come as no surprise.  As for me, I’d do fine with Ramen noodles and a bottomless pitcher of margaritas as long as I have a warm breeze, white sandy beaches and plenty of sunshine!

    • Wonderful response Susan – I’m glad to introduce you to this beautiful part of the world. Love your recommendation of Ramen noodles and the pitcher of margaritas – very tempting! Cheers, Alisa

  6. Booking a place in New Caledonia with a kitchen is a genius idea. If it’s 73 percent more expensive then other South Pacific destinations then you know for sure that there is good reason for that. A lot of things there are probably worth the money. I like places close to the beach too.

    If I go it would be an adventure in itself just to travel to the local super market and shop for food like the locals do. The kitchen idea a good idea for a lot of places, not just New Caledonia, especially if your going to stay a while. 

    • Hiya – I agree a visit to the local supermarket, in a far away destination, is as fascinating as a tourist spot! If you like the beach then you’ll love New Caledonia’s hundreds of beaches. Alisa 🙂


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