Cover-More Travel Insurance Review

Cover-More Travel Insurance Australia has been a leading player in the industry for over 35 years, providing a range of domestic and international travel insurance options. Whether you’re a globetrotter seeking comprehensive coverage or a cost-conscious traveller hunting for a budget-friendly plan. Let’s see if it’s right for you with this Cover-More Travel Insurance Review…

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What Is Cover-More Travel Insurance Australia?

Cover-More Travel Insurance Australia is a subsidiary of the Zurich Global Insurance Group. This gives Cover-More financial stability and backing for its travel insurance offerings.

Cover-More Travel Insurance

How Does Cover-More Travel Insurance Work?

Cover-More offers a user-friendly online quote system. You can easily compare different plans and purchase a policy in just a few minutes. They also provide phone support if you want to speak with a representative.

I recommend you ask questions like: “If I get sick in Malaysia and end up in hospital. Will Cover-More pay the hospital charges up front? Will Cover-More pay for my return flight to Australia if I can’t travel for 6 weeks? etc.

TIP: Always read the Cover-More Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for all the fine details.

Their product Range Includes

  • Domestic
  • Basic International
  • Comprehensive International
  • Comprehensive Plus International
  • Multi-trip plans for frequent travellers

You can also add extra coverage for activities or items like adventure sports, expensive jewelry, or drones.

As with any insurance plan, always look at the details and exclusions. For instance, travel delay coverage only kicks in after a 6-hour delay, and pandemics are generally not covered for delays.

Overseas Medical & Emergency Dental: In case of an emergency you can contact Cover-More’s Emergency Assistance Network. They have international contacts in some countries, otherwise you can ring the Australian office.

Some pre-existing medical conditions are included in some of the plans, with options to purchase additional coverage. Plans may also cover emergency repatriation or evacuation in remote areas. For example, if you’re injured on a Nepalese trek.

Amendment & Cancellation Costs: If a family emergency arises, you may be reimbursed for trip cancellation or return travel costs.

Luggage & Documents: For example, coverage applies if items like your iPhone are stolen by a Parisian pickpocket! But make sure you get a local police report. Thefts from unattended vehicles overnight are typically excluded.

Loss of Income: If an accident or illness prevents you from returning to work as scheduled, up to 75% of your usual net monthly income could be covered. For example, you have a moped accident in Greece and can’t travel home immediately.

Is Cover-More Travel Insurance Australia Legit?

Yes. Cover-More Travel Insurance Australia has many years of experience, financial backing, and a well-established reputation.

Is Cover-More Travel Insurance Worth It?

Cover-More offers a variety of travel insurance plans, catering to different budgets and trip styles.

They have options for short getaways and extensive coverage for long-term adventures (up to 12 months).

You can choose a plan that best suits your needs, with basic options for cost-conscious travelers and comprehensive policies for those seeking more security.

Does Cover-More Travel Insurance Australia Have a Refund Policy?

You will get a refund up to 21 days after receiving your Certificate of Insurance. But not if you’ve already started your trip.

Cover-More Travel Insurance

What Do You Get With Cover-More Travel Insurance Australia?

As I discussed earlier, Cover-More offers 4 international travel plans: International Basic, International Comprehensive, International Comprehensive+, and Multi-trip. They also offer domestic travel insurance.

These plans give a range of coverage options, including medical expenses, trip cancellation, baggage loss, and more. Plans may include…

  • COVID-19 Benefits
  • Additional Expenses Cover
  • Amendment & Cancellation Cost
  • Delayed Luggage Cover
  • Money Cover
  • Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess
  • Hospital Incidentals
  • Hijacking Cover
  • Cover for Disability
  • Personal Liability Cover

The Cost of your Plan Depends on

  • Higher-risk areas cost more.
  • Higher-risk age groups cost more.
  • Excess: the higher the excess the lower the cost.
  • The gap between the time you take out the insurance and the date of departure will vary the cost.
  • Cruise cover: additional premium applies.
  • Cancellation cover: on some policies you can choose your own level of cancellation cover. The more cancellation coverage you require, the higher the cost may be.

The Basic Plan

I recommend you don’t fall into the budget trap. Cover-More’s basic plan might seem cheap, but hidden limitations could leave you uncovered.

It’s only single-trip, and doesn’t cover some of the medical covers like loss of income, disability, hospital incidentals, loss of money, and driving cover. I recommend you invest in a comprehensive plan for true peace of mind and to avoid financial surprises on your trip.

Cover More Travel Insurance Review and Plans

Who Is Cover More Travel Insurance Australia For?

Cover-More offers a variety of travel insurance plans, which can provide peace of mind for travellers – families, couples, friends, or solo adventurers. This may be especially helpful for those who want to feel more comfortable exploring new destinations and trying new activities.

Whether you’re a family embarking on a whirlwind tour of Vietnam or a solo soul-searcher traversing the rugged landscapes of South America for half a year.

Things to Consider

  • The maximum time insured is 12 months.
  • Make sure you’re clear in your application which countries you’re visiting. For example, you may say Singapore, but you could take a day trip to Indonesia. So you’re better off saying South East Asia.

Pros and Cons – Cover-More Travel Insurance Review


Brand Reputation: With decades of experience, Cover-More is a trusted name in the travel insurance field.

Variety of Plans: Cover-More offers a wide range of travel insurance plans catering to different budgets and trip styles.

Extensive Coverage (Top-Tier Plans): Top-tier comprehensive plans from Cover-More offer extensive coverage, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations, baggage loss, and more. This can provide peace of mind for travelers seeking maximum protection.


Cost: Cover-More plans can be more expensive compared to some competitors, especially for basic options. Be sure to compare prices before you buy.

Basic Plan Limitations: Basic plans from Cover-More may have significant limitations in coverage. Carefully review the details to avoid unexpected gaps that could leave you financially exposed.

My #1 Recommendation – Cover-More Travel Insurance Review

Cover-More offers a variety of travel insurance plans, but they may not be the cheapest option.

But if you’re a traveller who prioritises extensive coverage and peace of mind, then I recommend their Comprehensive and Comprehensive Plus plans.

If you’re on a tight budget the basic international plan may not cover quite what you need.

After all, the best adventures are the ones where you can fully immerse yourself in the experience, knowing that you’ve got a trusted safety net in place.

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