What makes this Tree House Hotel in Thailand so Awesome?

Tree House Hotel Thailand - Bangkok

If you’re on the hunt for a unique eco experience then staying in a Tree House Hotel in Thailand can take you to the heart of nature! Perched high in the trees with birds for company, you’ll feel at one with planet earth. But if you’re thinking of a jungle experience then this particular tree house may surprise you…

Smack bang in the middle of tut-tuting, exotic, bustling Bangkok is a shrine to ”simple living in natural surroundings”…

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Picture yourself Sleeping in a Tree House Hotel Near Chiang Mai

Tree House Hotel Thailand - Chiang Mai

Are you searching for a unique and eco-friendly hotel that’s off the beaten path? Then it’s time to book your very own tree house hotel near Chiang Mai in Thailand!

The fabulously quirky collection of tree houses at Rabeang Pasak Tree House Resort is well worth a 75 km side trip from Chiang Mai in the north. This 3-star resort is off most travelers’ radars so you’ll be staying in one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets! Read on and see if it’s the adventure for you…

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